Motorcycle Track Day Team

Rider: Peter J Irwin

My Citroēn Relay XLWB race truck

Large enough to transport my race track bike and all the necessary equipment...

Peter’s racetrack bike

A Suzuki GSX-R1000 K9 L0, fully kitted out

Set up by Peter Baker Racing in King’s Lynn...

Peter at Snetterton, just tipping into Corum Curve...

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I hope you found some interest here and look forward to either hearing from you, visiting the Pub for a drink, or landing on this site again soon


regards Peter J Irwin, Landlord

Race Truck

Motorcycles page 5

Peter and Peter in bar on race bikes

Peter Irwin and Peter Baker (on the right)

with their race bikes, in the Bar of the Red Cat

for a Superbike Evening, a while ago...

Red Cat Logo

Peter Irwin attends Race and Track Days throughout the season

whenever his work allows, riding his Suzuki GSX-R1000...